Temple of Mayhem

Chessington World of Adventures

Get all fired up in a mayhem-filled foam ball battle…

Theme ParkChessington World of Adventures
Park AreaWild Asia
Opened2001 (as "Dennis' Madhouse")
2010 ("Temple of Mayhem" retheme)
Temple of Mayhem

Temple of Mayhem

Temple of Mayhem is an indoor play area within Wild Asia, which gives kids the chance to fire foam ball cannons and explore a huge ball pit.

It acts as a multi-level indoor play area filled with thousands of foam balls. Air cannons are mounted at various locations, which children can load with balls that can then be fired across the room.

The attraction was originally housed in the Millennium Dome where it was known as “Timekeepers of the Millennium”. After the exhibition closed, the play area was relocated to Chessington where it opened in Beanoland in 2001 as Dennis’ Madhouse. It was rethemed and renamed Temple of Mayhem when Beanoland was closed and converted into Wild Asia in 2010.

Unfortunately adult groups are not allowed inside Temple of Mayhem: all grown-ups must be accompanied by a child to gain entry. If you’re lucky enough to find a kid to join you though, Temple of Mayhem is a huge amount of fun for adults and children alike!

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Dennis' Madhouse

The play area was originally known as Dennis' Madhouse when it arrived in Beanoland in 2001.

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