Pin Badges 2021

Chessington World of Adventures Merchandise

Some new pin badges have been added to Chessington's collection for 2021 ...

Pin Wall

Pin badge display in the Adventure Point Gift Shop

After a bumper year of new additions last year, this year's selection of new pin badges is a little more modest with five new pins being added to the main collection.

In addition to these, some new pin badges representing Chessington's expanding lineup of special events will be available at different times during the season.

This year's pins include a pin badge featuring the new 2021 ride Croc Drop. Other additions feature Kobra, Tiger Rock and Vampire.

While the badges are available for sale at various outlets around the park, most of them are ready for purchase in the main Adventure Point Gift Shop, each priced at £4.00.

New 2021 Pin Badges

Chessington 2021 pin badge

Chessington World of Adventures Resort 2021 pin badge

Croc Drop pin badge

Croc Drop pin badge

Kobra pin badge

Kobra pin badge

Vampire pin badge

I Conquered Vampire pin badge

Tiger Rock pin badge

Tiger Rock (new design) pin badge

Howl'o'ween pin badge

Howl'o'ween pin badge