Elmer's Flying Jumbos

Chessington World of Adventures

Ride on the back of a giant flying elephant...

Theme ParkChessington World of Adventures
Park AreaAdventure Point
TypeFlat Ride
Opened1987 (as "Coco the Clown's Flying Jumbos")
1995 (as "Flying Jumbos" in Toytown)
2013 (moved to Zufari)
2020 (as "Elmer's Flying Jumbos" in Adventure Point)
ManufacturerPreston & Barbieri
ModelRed Baron
Flying Elephants

Colourful flying elephants

Elmer's Flying Jumbos is a children's ride which gives youngsters the chance to fly in a giant elephant.

Twelve two-seater giant elephants are arranged in a circle, each attached to a long arm. During the ride, these rotate around the central axis. A button inside each elephant allows riders to control how high or low their jumbo is lifted into the sky, giving a true elephant flying experience.

The ride is a Chessington classic, having been at the park since 1987 when it was known as "Coco the Clown's Flying Jumbos" and sat in Circus World. After Cirus World closed to be transformed into Beanoland, the ride was moved to Toytown in the centre of the park and renamed to simply "Flying Jumbos".

In 2013, Flying Jumbos was moved to the former site of Rodeo to fill out the new Zufari area. The formerly pink elephants were given a grey paint job to fit better with the more serious Zufari theme.

Following the signing of a four year intellectual property deal, the ride was again renamed as "Elmer's Flying Jumbos" for the 2020 season, and moved to Adventure Point to sit on the former Carousel site. The colour has returned, this time with each elephant painted in a vibrant pink, yellow, blue or green colour scheme to better fit the new Elmer theme.

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Flying Jumbos in Zufari

Flying Jumbos in Toytown

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