Jungle Bus

Chessington World of Adventures

View Wild Asia from your seat aboard the bumpy Jungle Bus…

Theme ParkChessington World of Adventures
Park AreaWild Asia
TypeFlat Ride
Opened2001 (as "Bash Street Bus")
2010 ("Jungle Bus" retheme)
ModelCrazy Bus
Jungle Bus

Jungle Bus

Jungle Bus is a small bus themed ride for children in Chessington’s Wild Asia area.

Riders sit inside a bus themed cabin which is attached to two rotating arms which move the bus upwards in a magic carpet ride style motion.

Originally, the ride was known as Bash Street Bus when it arrived in the former Beanoland area in 2001. It was rethemed as Jungle Bus as part of the conversion of the area into Wild Asia in 2010.

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Bash Street Bus

Jungle Bus was originally Bash Street Bus in Beanoland (2001-2009).

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