Jungle Rangers

Chessington World of Adventures

Drive through the rainforest on the lookout for jungle animals...

Theme ParkChessington World of Adventures
Park AreaRainforest
TypeConvoy Ride
Opened19 March 2020 (replaced Toadie's Crazy Cars)
ModelConvoy Ride
Duration3½ minutes

Driving through the jungle

Jungle Rangers is a jeep ride in Chessington's Rainforest area.

The ride gives children the chance to "drive" their jeep along a road through a jungle adventure, passing several life size model animals along the way.

In reality, the vehicles follow a rail embedded in the roadway, although the steering wheels in the front of the car give children some idea they are really controlling the direction they are going!

The tour itself through the "jungle" is actually rather dull. The themed scenery isn't particularly inspiring, and feels more like a tour around a garden centre. Of course, the fun of the ride comes in the driving.

Jungle Racers is a rethemed version of the old Toadies Crazy Cars ride, which was shortened to provide space for the addition of the River Rafts mini log flume.

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