Chessington World of Adventures

You won’t be able to stop the spinning as you slide up and down the Cobra’s back…

Theme ParkChessington World of Adventures
Park AreaWild Asia
TypeDisk'O Coaster
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
Opened2010 (replaced Roger the Dodger's Dodgems)
ModelMega Disk'O Coaster
Height 51 ft
Length 300 ft
Speed 43 mph
Cost£1 million


Kobra is a Zamperla Mega Disk’O Coaster which sits in the Wild Asia area at Chessington World of Adventures.

Despite the name, Kobra is not a rollercoaster. Guests are seated on motorcycle style seats arranged on the outer edge of a large disk, facing outwards. As the ride starts, the disk begins to spin as it moves up and down a track which features two steep slopes at either end plus a large camel back hump in the middle. Gradually over the first two or three traversals the disk gathers enough momentum to make it over the central hill and over to the other side of the track.

The ride has a carved grey stonework theme, with two giant cobra snake heads at either end. It fits with the similar theming of the other attractions within Wild Asia, but could do with some colour to break up the neverending greyness.

Kobra is a great fun ride, and produces some nice sensations of both weightlessness and mild positive G-forces.

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