Peeking Heights

Chessington World of Adventures

Look out over London as you fly high over Mystic East on this giant wheel...

Theme ParkChessington World of Adventures
Park AreaMystic East
TypeBig Wheel
AudienceAll Ages
Opened16 March 2005 (replaced Samurai)
Closed10 September 2017 (replaced by Tiger Rock)
Height 82 ft
Peeking Heights

Peeking Heights

Sitting next to Dragon Falls in Mystic East, Peeking Heights was a large ferris wheel that took guests up 80 feet in the air. From that height, the ride offered views over the whole of Chessington and, on a clear day, offered views over to London and Wembley Stadium.

The wheel arrived at Chessington in 2005 from sister park Thorpe Park where it had operated briefly as Eclipse. While never very popular at Thorpe, Peeking Heights fitted much better with Chessington’s family market and allowed guests to have a bit of a break and sit down while they took in the spectacular Surrey scenery.

After twelve years at the park, Peeking Heights closed in September 2017 to make way for the tiger enclosures that now form part of Land of the Tiger and Tiger Rock.

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Views From Peeking Heights

Peeking Heights offered views over Chessington World of Adventures as well as further into Surrey and even London on a clear day.

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