Rameses Revenge

Chessington World of Adventures

Feel the full power of the wrath of the Ancient Egyptian Pharoah...

Theme ParkChessington World of Adventures
Park AreaForbidden Kingdom
TypeTop Spin
Closed3 November 2019 (replaced by Croc Drop)
ModelTop Spin
The legendary top spin

The legendary top spin

For 24 years, Rameses Revenge was an Ancient Egyptian themed top spin ride at Chessington World of Adnvetures.

The ride, manufactured by Huss Rides, opened in Chessington's Forbidden Kingdom area in 1995. Riders sat on a gondola with two rows of twenty-four seats which was suspended between two large arms. During the ride cycle, these arms would turn which would cause the gondola to spin and flip upside down.

Rameses Revenge was the first top spin to feature fountains underneath the main ride. As the ride's finale the gondola clicked into position at the highest point, then slowly lowered as the fountains raised to meet it, soaking unfortunate guests in the process! Luckily, you could escape a drenching if you sat on seats nearest the ends of the rows.

The ride proved wildly popular with the public throughout its lifetime, but factors including Chessington's refocus on a family rather than thrill market, the ride's age, and increasing maintenance issues, meant Rameses Revenge was finally closed at the end of the 2019 season on 3 November and removed shortly after.

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