Chessington World of Adventures

Board a cart for your journey into the Mexican mine…

Theme ParkChessington World of Adventures
Park AreaMexicana
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
ManufacturerMaurer Söhne
ModelWild Maus Classic
Height49 ft
Length1213 ft
Max Speed28 mph
Duration1¼ minutes
On-Ride Photos


With Rattlesnake, Chessington took what would otherwise have been a standard Wild Mouse coaster and created something slightly more special.

The rollercoaster is well themed as a mine cart ride into a Mexican wild west mine, with various mining props and even some animatronic figures scattered around the ride. For sections of the ride, the mine carts dive into the timber framed mine buildings themselves.

Thanks to the constricting local planning restrictions, the 50ft high ride had to be built within a freshly excavated hole in the ground so it could not be seen outside the park. This has actually done it some favours, with the subterranean pit lending even more of a mining feel.

Unfortunately, these days the ride is rather jerky and rough. While wild mouse riders should expect the standard tight turns and sharp drops, Rattlesnake also has some very harsh block brakes around the course. The cars can pick up quite a bit of speed, so the sudden stops can easily catch unprepared riders off guard.

Aside from the brutal braking Rattlesnake is an example of Chessington’s creative heights of the 1990s, where rides were impeccably themed and challenges innovatively overcome.

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