River Rafts

Chessington World of Adventures

Take a splashing wet adventure through the Rainforest...

Theme ParkChessington World of Adventures
Park AreaRainforest
TypeLog Flume
Opened19 March 2020 (replaced Toadie's Crazy Cars)
ManufacturerABC Rides
ModelMini Flume Ride
Length 413 ft
Highest Drop 13 ft

The drop finale

For children who aren't quite ready for the heights of Tiger Rock, River Rafts provides a smaller scale version of the traditional log flume.

The water ride is in The Rainforest area, situated immediately across the path from its big log flume brother. On River Rafts, guests ride down the river in crocodile themed boats which can carry up to one adult and one child at a time.

The crocodile boats meander around the area before climbing the 4 metre lift hill ready for the - surprisingly wet - splash down finale.

River Rafts came from Merlin's Weymouth Sea Life Centre, where it operated until 2016 as Escape From Crocodile Creek.

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