Scorpion Express

Chessington World of Adventures

Ride a train through the abandoned mining town of Scorpion Valley…

Theme ParkChessington World of Adventures
Park AreaMexicana
TypePowered Rollercoaster
Opened2014 (replaced Runaway Train)
ManufacturerMack Rides
ModelBlauer Enzian
On-Ride Photos
Scorpion Express

Scorpion Express

Having served for many years as Runaway Train, in 2014 Chessington re-themed and re-launched their powered mine train coaster as Scorpion Express.

The ride is set in an abandoned mining town which, following an explosion in the gold mine, has been overrun by scorpions. Before leaving, the locals built a large mechanical scorpion to guard their gold against thieves and looters.

You what? Yeah, not sure…

Obviously a lot of work was put into the animatronic scorpion which acts as the centrepiece of the new theme, but aside from that Scorpion Express feels like a cheap lazy job. Much of the rest of the theming is simple two-dimensional cut outs representing the town buildings. The ride is completely out in the open – a far cry from the previous rockwork and caves the train used to race through.

Unfortunately, Scorpion Express is a pretty ordinary ride. By and large, the standard layout Mack powered coasters are nothing fancy, but Chessington’s amazing accomplishments with the old Runaway Train put the average-ness of Scorpion Express into even sharper focus.

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Runaway Train to Scorpion Express

Chessington's old Runaway Train closed in 2012 and was re-themed and converted into Scorpion Express over the 2013 season, with the new ride launching in 2014.

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