Tomb Blaster

Chessington World of Adventures

Adventure into Ancient Egyptian on a quest to rid a tomb of a deadly curse ....

Theme ParkChessington World of Adventures
Park AreaForbidden Kingdom
TypeInteractive Dark Ride
ManufacturerMack Rides
DesignerTussauds Studios
Duration8 minutes
On-Ride Photos
The entrance to the tomb

The entrance to the tomb

Tomb Blaster takes guests on an interactive adventure into the heart of an Ancient Egyptain tomb.

The story goes that an ancient deadly curse has been unleashed, meaning bio-mutant scarabs have invaded the tomb and are growing in number rapidly. Guests are sent into the tomb armed with laser guns in an attempt to contain the scarabs before they can escape and spread the curse.

Although the background story is a little scary, Tomb Blaster is pitched firmly at families and kids will have a great time shooting at the light up targets throughout the ride, attempting to get the highest score on the train.

The ride is very well themed, both the queueline which brings guests through Ancient Egypt and into the tomb, and the scenes on the ride itself.

In 2016, Tomb Blaster received a bit of a makeover and a revamped laser gun system similar to that used on Laser Raiders at Legoland Windsor. Unfortunately, these guns are much inferior to the original system and have slightly spoilt the interactive experience of the ride as it seems they have trouble tracking some of the more distant targets. The lighting inside the tomb has also been changed, with too many black lights and overly bright lighting in some scenes.

When Chessington World of Adventures opened in 1987, Tomb Blaster was known as The 5th Dimension and was a dark ride with an alien themed storyline written by Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy author Douglas Adams. This was completely rethemed into Terror Tomb in 1994 with a storyline revolving around Abdab, a tomb robber intent on stealing a gem from the Ancient Egyptian tomb, although the ride system was kept the same. Scenes from Terror Tomb (renamed the less-scary sounding "Forbidden Tomb" in 2000) were largely kept intact when the interactive laser gun system was added and the ride was converted into Tomb Blaster in 2002.

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