Treetop Hoppers

Chessington World of Adventures

Get ready to bounce up, bounce down, and bounce up again into the trees!

Theme ParkChessington World of Adventures
Park AreaRainforest
TypeShot/Drop Tower
AudienceYoung Children

The tree-themed towers

Treetop Hoppers is a small kiddie drop ride suitable for small children, which gives the feeling of gently bouncing up and down from about 20 feet above the ground.

The ride has been at Chessington since 2001, when it was sponsored by Ribena and was known as Ribena Berry Bouncers. It was renamed Jungle Bouncers in 2012 when Toytown was converted into Africa.

Another retheme and name came in 2017 as it became known as Treetop Hoppers.

While the ride still remains in approximately its original position, it moved lands again in 2020 as it found itself within the new Rainforest area, with the towers being turned around to face in the other direction into the Rainforest instead of towards the Gruffalo Arena as previously.

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