Air Race

Drayton Manor

Fly high and experience the thrill of an old-time aeroplane race...

Theme ParkDrayton Manor
Park AreaAction Park
TypeAir Race
ModelAir Race
Air Race

Air Race

Air Race allows visitors to Drayton Manor to experience the thrills of a crazy loop-the-loop aeroplane race.

The ride is from Zamperla, and is the park version of their popular Air Race flat ride.

Riders sit on two-by-two seating on one of six aeroplanes, which are each attached via arms to a central column. As the ride starts, the column begins to spin. Once it is up to speed, the individual arms begin to rotate too, sending the aeroplanes turning upside down and giving riders the thrill of a barrel rolling plane ride.

The ride is a nice thrilling addition to Drayton, and often attracts long queues as it has a fairly small capacity.

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