Diesel's Locomotive Mayhem

Drayton Manor

Join Diesel and friends for a chaotic adventure on the tracks...

Theme ParkDrayton Manor
Park AreaThomas Land
TypeFlat Ride
Opened10 June 2008
ModelDemolition Derby
Diesel's Locomotive Mayhem

Diesel's Locomotive Mayhem

Diesel's Locomotive Mayhem is a teacups ride with a difference!

Riders can choose to sit in either Diesel, Dennis, Rusty, Salty, Bert or Mavis for their journey.

The locomotives move between two spinning circular platforms which pass the engines between each other, resulting in some near misses and spinning action!

Each locomotive sits up to four riders, who also have control of exactly how much their individual engine spins.

Along with the other rides in Thomas Land, Diesel's Locomotive Mayhem is well themed and features faithful representations of the Thomas the Tank Engine characters. The ride is fun and popular with Thomas Land's target children's age group, and provides a nice slightly different take on the usual family spin rides.

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