Dodgems Ahoy

Drayton Manor

Take to Drayton's dodgem track for a bumper car race...

Theme ParkDrayton Manor
Park AreaPirate Cove
ManufacturerIE Park (cars)
Supercar (track)
Dodgems Ahoy

Dodgems Ahoy

Dodgems Ahoy is Drayton Manor's take on the traditional fairground bumper cars ride.

Drayton's dodgems have been at the park since 1986, and were supplied by Supercar with cars from IE Park.

The most recent refresh of the ride saw the new Dodgems Ahoy! name and a castle-like theming exterior being added to fit with the general pirate theme of the surrounding area.

Sitting off to the side of the park, Dodgems Ahoy is easily missed but acts as a nice filler attraction and something else to do on especially busy days.

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