Drunken Barrels

Drayton Manor

Drunkenly spin around a German beer hall in a giant barrel

Theme ParkDrayton Manor
Park AreaAerial Park
TypeSpin Ride
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
Opened2006 (replaced Cyclone)
Drunken Barrels

Drunken Barrels

Drunken Barrels is a tea cup ride with a difference. Taking place inside a well themed German Beer Hall, riders sit in spinning beer barrels for a drunken ride accompanied by traditional German Oom-pah music.

For the first few years of operation, the entire ride platform would raise to a steep angle as the ride was in progress, adding even more disorientation to the spinning. In recent years, however, this hasn’t happened.

The ride replaced the ill-fated Cyclone, which had to be removed from the park because of noise complaints. Obviously the park learned their lesson, making sure Drunken Barrels was enclosed in a large building to reduce the likelihood of screams being heard from outside the park.

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