Klondike Gold Mine

Drayton Manor

Take a ride onboard the out-of-control runaway mine train into the heart of Klondike Gold Mine

Theme ParkDrayton Manor
Park AreaAction Park
Closed31 October 2004 (replaced by G Force)
ModelZyklon ZL42
Height36 ft
Length1198 ft
Klondike's loop

Klondike's loop

Klondike Gold Mine originally opened at Drayton Manor in 1995. It sat near the park’s southern entrance, in an area between Maelstrom and Shockwave.

Behind it’s wild western mine train theming, the rollercoaster was a typical Pinfari looping coaster providing the usual rickety head-banging experience to go with it. Never particularly comfortable, it was, however, an average medium sized coaster – even if some people thought it could have been much improved if it hadn’t included the vertical loop!

By the mid 2000s, Klondike was past its best and it was closed in 2004. The ride hardware was moved to Hayling Island for a time, with the space it formerly occupied at Drayton Manor being reused for its much more modern replacement, G Force, which opened on the site in 2005.

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