Splash Canyon

Drayton Manor

A whitewater river adventure through Splash Canyon, where nobody stays dry...

Theme ParkDrayton Manor
Park AreaAction Park
TypeRiver Rapids Ride
Length 1460 ft
Splash Canyon riders

Splash Canyon riders

Drayton’s white-water rapids ride is set in Splash Canyon, with much of the ride’s river channel twisting its way underneath Shockwave, the park’s largest rollercoaster.

While not as large as some other rapids rides, it still provides a lot of fun and laughter as guests travel through the canyon in the circular boats, not knowing whether they will stay dry or get soaked by a wave crashing over the side.

Splash Canyon features a number of fast flowing rapids sections, a long tunnel and water jets which ensure that nobody stays completely dry. However, the ride’s most infamous element was unplanned: there is a part of the stream where it is quite common for boats to get caught up. Other boats overtake … hilarious to other riders … while the occupants can merely sit in their stranded craft and wait for it to finally be dislodged by the current or a bump from another boat.

The ride’s concrete trough was poured at the same time as Shockwave’s foundations were laid – both rides were purchased as a package deal from Intamin. Splash Canyon opened in 1993, with Shockwave premiering the following year.

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