Stormforce 10

Drayton Manor

Take to a lifeboat for a daring sea rescue with the RNLI...

Theme ParkDrayton Manor
Park AreaFisherman's Wharf
TypeWater Ride
ManufacturerBear Rides AG
ModelFlume Ride
Height 54 ft
Length 1600 ft
Duration8 minutes
RNLI sea rescues cause waves

RNLI sea rescues cause waves

Stormforce 10 brings the Cornish coast to Tamworth, with the excitement and drama of an RNLI lifeboat rescue.

The giant water ride was added to Drayton Manor in 1999, and marked the park's final major investment of the twentieth century. It was created in association with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, the UK's charity which provides lifeboats and crews with the aim of saving lives at sea.

Riders board eight seater "lifeboats" inside the fishing village themed station building. A lifeboatman sends the boat on its way, plunging down a drop straight out of the station and spraying the front row riders with water. After passing between walls of waterfalls, the boat ascends a lift and into a "Jet" petroleum themed tower. Inside, the boat is turned around and send crashing backwards down a drop, which often absolutely drenches riders in the back seats.

A second turntable at the bottom of the drop orients the boat forwards again, sending it through an indoor section and then up the main 60 foot high lift hill. There's a short left hand corner high level section which sets the boat up to sail down the main double drop, which features plenty of airtime and a huge splash at the bottom into Drayton Manor's main lake. From here, the boat floats slowly back to a short lift which brings it back into the ride station.

Stormforce 10 is one of the best rides at Drayton Manor, although it well and truly soaks riders. Either ride on a hot summer day, or bring spare clothes ... especially if you are unlucky (or lucky?) enough to find yourself in the back seats where there's no chance of staying dry. The theming is really pretty good, and the RNLI theme works well for the giant flume.

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