Fantasy Island

Tour the perimeter of Fantasy Island onboard the famous rollercoaster built to celebrate the new millennium...

Theme ParkFantasy Island
Opened22 May 1999
Height150 ft
Length2822 ft
Max Speed56 mph
Duration1¾ minutes
One of Millennium's vertical loops

One of Millennium's vertical loops

By far the largest project undertaken at Fantasy Island when it was conceived, Millennium was opened in 1999 to celebrate both the turn of the century and the dawning of a new millennium.

The rollercoaster is a custom designed Vekoma MK-1200 and circles the perimeter of Fantasy Island and its giant pyramid, intersecting the inverted Odyssey rollercoaster at several points.

Highlights of the ride include two vertical loops, a sidewinder inversion, and a finale helix which swoops low down over the theme park's pathways.

Millennium's towering 46 metre lift hill and 834 metres of track can be seen from miles away. For many years its bright red supports and yellow track stood out against the sunny Skegness skies. In 2018 it underwent a major refurbishment, getting a new train and the track was completely repainted in a new purple and green colour scheme.

Unfortunately the coaster is prone to stalling midway around the track, so it does not operate in high winds - sadly rather common on the Lincolnshire coast!

Millennium looks impressive and provides a nice ride, much smoother than you may expect. For its scale you might expect it to deliver slightly more than it does, but it is still a fun and noteworthy rollercoaster.

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Previous Colour Scheme

Millennium was painted yellow and red from its opening in 1999 until 2018.

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