Fantasy Island

Reach for the skies on the towering inverted twist of royal celebrations...

Theme ParkFantasy Island
Opened25 May 2002
ModelSuspended Looping Coaster (SLC)
Height167 ft
Length2923 ft
Max Speed62 mph
Drop 141 ft
Capacity 350 riders per hour
Cost£28 million
Duration2¾ minutes


Towering over the market stalls below, together with it's sister rollercoaster Millennium, Odyssey dominates the skyline over Fantasy Island.

The rollercoaster is a giant inverted coaster. Standing at 51 metres tall, it is the largest Vekoma SLC ever constructed and features a custom track layout with five inversions. It reportedly cost £28million to build, making it by far the most expensive rollercoaster ever built in the United Kingdom.

Sadly, for all the height records and the cost, it is still an SLC and inherits all the usual roughness and head-banging of the standard sized Vekoma torture machines. In fact, the larger size has just magnified the well known problems and it feels like riders are thrown about even more than usual. Thankfully it is far from the worst SLC in terms of roughness, but it is still a coaster you wouldn't want to ride more than necessary.

The ride was opened in 2002 and was originally named "Jubilee Odyssey", in honour of Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee celebrations.

While it may be a terrible rollercoaster to ride, it does at least look very picturesque. For many years it sported a bright red track with white supports, but was repainted in 2016 and now features yellow track and grey supports.

Odyssey struggles in high winds, and does not operate if the wind speed is above 30mph to prevent the risk of the train stalling and not making it all the way around the track. Given its coastal location this can be quite a common problem so, if you really feel the need for a head-bashing ride on it, catch it as soon as you see it running!

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