Rhombus Rocket

Fantasy Island

Join Captain Rhombus aboard his rocket powered train...

Theme ParkFantasy Island
TypePowered Rollercoaster
ManufacturerWGH Transportation
Height17 ft
Length968 ft
Max Speed29 mph
Duration1½ minutes
Rhombus Rocket

Rhombus Rocket

Rhombus Rocket is a long powered coaster at Fantasy Island in Lincolnshire.

The rollercoaster's track weaves around and above the outside section of the Eastern side of the park.

There's a loose theme which revolves around a character named Captain Rhombus, with the Rhombus Rocket being the Captain's rocket powered train.

The 295 metre track circles over the heads of park visitors, and the train normally completes two circuits per ride. For a powered coaster, there are some fairly intense moments, including a wonderfully speedy helix and some close encounters with the log flume and part of Millennium's track.

Rhombus Rocket debuted at Fantasy Island when the park opened in 1995, and has been one of its most popular family rides ever since. It has a decent capacity, so is well worth a go during a visit to the park!

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