The Beast

Fantasy Island

Spin through the Skegness sky on the beastly thrill ride...

Theme ParkFantasy Island
TypeTop Scan
Closed31 March 2019
The Beast

The Beast

The Beast was a Mondial Top Scan which operated at Fantasy Island between 2001 and 2019.

The ride featured six five-seater gondolas arranged in a star shape, all attached to a long arm which would swing around when the ride was in motion. The star could also spin, and the individual gondolas were pivoted to rock back and forth depending on the weight and distribution of their riders. The combination of different points of motion made for a thrilling ride.

While Top Scans are fairly commonly seen on the fair circuit, The Beast gained many fans during its time at Fantasy Island. It was often operated manually rather than playing through a preset programme, which allowed for some very intense ... and very long ride cycles!

Following eighteen years in operation, Fantasy Island ran a special event to say "farewell" to The Beast on Sunday 31st March 2019 before it was removed from the park.

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