Flamingo Land

Ride the suspended rollercoaster named after the king of the lion pride...

Theme ParkFlamingo Land
Park AreaThe Lost Kingdom
Opened1 April 2006
ModelSuspended Looping Coaster (SLC)
Height118 ft
Length2023 ft
Max Speed55 mph
Duration1½ minutes


Rollercoaster aficionados will concur that Vekoma SLCs are usually best avoided if you don't want to be boxed around the ears and spend the rest of the day with a headache.

Kumali then, is a massive and welcome surprise. It is one of the smoothest and most rideable Vekoma Suspended Looping Coasters in the world, and by some margin. Many people would say it's even re-ridable!

The African themed coaster was installed at Flamingo Land in 2006 and sits in the Lost Kingdom section of the park. Riders sit with legs dangling, on seats mounted below the track.

It features four inversions, including a vertical loop, zero-G roll and cobra roll. Its lakeside setting makes for some nice views, and the relatively smooth ride allows riders to properly enjoy them.

Kumali is definitely among the better quality rollercoasters at Flamingo Land, and offers a worthwhile ride experience even if there's a bit of a queue.

Kumali Construction

Kumali was built on the former site of Flamingo Land's Schwarzkopf rollercoaster known as The Bullet.

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