Mumbo Jumbo

Flamingo Land

Ride one of the steepest rollercoasters in the world as you experience Mumbo Jumbo's 112 degree beyond vertical drop...

Theme ParkFlamingo Land
Park AreaThe Lost Kingdom
Opened4 July 2009 (replaced Tidal Wave)
ModelEl Loco
Height98 ft
Mumbo Jumbo's beyond-vertical drop

Mumbo Jumbo's beyond-vertical drop

Mumbo Jumbo continued the theme park industry's obsession with "beyond vertical drops", holding the Guinness World Record from 2009 to 2011 for the steepest rollercoaster thanks to its 112° first drop.

The rollercoaster is an El Loco model from S&S Worldwide, which is a refinement of the company's previous Screaming Squirrel design. It features small four-seater ride cars which navigate a compact track stacked vertically, which consists of extreme drops, turns and two inversions.

Despite appearances, Mumbo Jumbo is actually pretty comfortable and provides a varied and exciting ride that proves much more interesting than that offered by the previous generation of ride. There's some nice pops of airtime, although the extended amounts of hangtime are less pleasurable.

Overall, Mumbo Jumbo is a great addition to Flamingo Land and is among the park's best rides. It's impressive to see just how much can be packed into a small space and still provide a decent fun, smooth and comfortable rollercoaster experience.

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