Cycle Monorail

Gulliver's Kingdom

Pedal out above the park for spectacular views over Matlock Bath...

Theme ParkGulliver's Kingdom
Park AreaToy Land
TypeCycle Monorail
Cycle Monorail

Cycle Monorail

For visitors with a lot of excess energy, Gulliver's Cycle Monorail gives them the perfect opportunity to let off some steam.

Riders sit on two-seater vehicles which run on a monorail track high above the park's pathways. In contrast to a normal monorail, however, these vehicles only move when their occupants propel them forward by pedalling using bicycle style pedals!

There's a bit of effort involved, although the pedalling gets easier once the cars are moving. Young children can find the going a bit tiring, so they are usually required to ride alongside a responsible adult who can make sure they don't get stranded half way around the track.

The energy expended for a trip on Cycle Monorail is well worthwhile: with Gulliver's Kingdom being set on a hillside, the views over Matlock Bath and the Heights of Abraham are lovely.

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