Log Coaster

Gulliver's Kingdom

Hop inside the giant log for a gentle rollercoaster ride...

Theme ParkGulliver's Kingdom
Park AreaLilliput Land
ManufacturerCavazza Diego
ModelSuper Nessi Junior Coaster
Climbing the lift hill

Climbing the lift hill

Nestled in a clearing within some trees is Log Coaster, Gulliver's Kingdom's child-friendly rollercoaster.

The rollercoaster, a Super Nessi Junior Coaster manufactured by Cavazza Diego, features a twenty seater train themed to look like a large wooden log - hence the ride's name.

The train leaves the station to climb a curved tyre driven lift hill, then rolls slowly over the station roof before picking up speed to navigate around the brown coloured track which is mainly comprised of circular downward helices.

While not the most thrilling of experiences, Log Coaster is gentle enough for young children to ride and provides a good introduction to the world of rollercoasters.

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