Log Flume

Gulliver's Kingdom

Ride a log down the indian river and over the falls...

Theme ParkGulliver's Kingdom
Park AreaWestern World
TypeLog Flume
Splashing down

Splashing down

Gulliver's Kingdom's Log Flume sits high up at the top of the park in the Western World area.

The flume was constructed at the park and opened in 1988. It features log shaped boats which seat up to four riders - although only a maximum of two adults are permitted in each boat.

The water channel winds around a wooded area with some animal and Red Indian models scattered around. The highlight comes with the climb up the chain lift and drop through the front of the themed building and into the water below, causing a big splash and a light sprinkling for the boat's occupants.

The Log Flume is great fun and one of Gulliver's Kingdom's best rides. It is small, but holds its own against other flumes thanks to its setting and the extra theming details added.

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