Percy's Pirate Adventure

Gulliver's Kingdom

Voyage downstream into a world of pirates and buried treasure...

Theme ParkGulliver's Kingdom
Park AreaSmuggler's Wharf
TypeWater Ride
Floating past a pirate

Floating past a pirate

Percy's Pirate Adventure (formerly known as Gully's Pirate Adventure) is a scenic boat ride at Gulliver's Kingdom.

The ride is set in the park's Smuggler's Wharf area and features a pirate theme.

Riders sit in small circular boats which seat up to four people. They float slowly along a water channel past pirates, boats and similar nautical scenes.

Pirate Adventure is a great ride, with lots of nice theming details to spot along the way. It's a good ride for when it's time to relax and take the weight of your feet for a few minutes - and there's no danger of actually getting wet!

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