Gulliver's Kingdom

Coasting high up on the hillside...

Theme ParkGulliver's Kingdom
Park AreaToy Land
AudienceOlder Families
Opened24 July 2004
ManufacturerIE Park
ModelJR 30
Height30 ft
Length764 ft
Switchback's train in the station

Switchback's train in the station

Named after an old wooden rollercoaster which operated in the valley nearby around the turn of the 20th Century, Switchback was for a time the largest rollercoaster at Gulliver's Kingdom.

The modern Switchback sat on one of the park's terraces on the hillside at Matlock Bath, and was a steel rollercoaster manufactured by IE Park.

Its train - carrying up to 24 riders at a time - would climb the thirty foot lift hill, then descent through a series of drops and helices back to the station. It travelled at a reasonable pace and was one of the more intimidating rides at Gulliver's Kingdom for younger children, but it was not overly scary for older kids.

Theming was pretty limited, with the rollercoaster standing on a transportable steel frame on a concrete base. There was a small model aeroplane in the queueline which looked rather out of place, but that was just about it.

While it was at Gulliver's, Switchback was one of the more popular rides at the park - especially for children towards the higher end of its target market. Sadly it was removed in 2018, leaving quite a gap for other attractions to fill.

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