Cycle Monorail

Gulliver's Land

Pedal-powered tour high up above Lilliput Land...

Theme ParkGulliver's Land
Park AreaLilliput Land
TypeCycle Monorail
Pedalling around Gulliver's Land

Pedalling around Gulliver's Land

Visitors to Gulliver's Land who want to get a bird's eye view of the park and don't mind a bit of exercise will find the Cycle Monorail is the perfect ride.

Riders sit side-by-side on two seater cars attached to a monorail track high above the ground. Each of them will find a set of pedals at their feet, which they must use to power their vehicle around the circuit.

The ride begins at the station which sits above the Veteran Cars then weaves its way out over Lilliput Land, offering a good view of the castle along the way.

The circuit is fairly lengthy and pedalling can get a bit tiring (it is much easier once its in motion, so its best to try and keep going!) but ultimately Cycle Monorail is a lot of fun and a rewarding experience for kids and adults alike.

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