Dragon Siege

Gulliver's Land

Turn upside down as you swing out over the head of the huge dragon taking over Lilliput Land

Theme ParkGulliver's Land
Park AreaLilliput Land
TypeFlat Ride
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
Opened25 May 2019 (replaced Twist 'N' Joust)
ModelDiscovery Midi Revolution
Dragon Siege

Dragon Siege

Not all rides at Gulliver's Land are tame rounabouts and car rides - Dragon Siege is a full-on swinging, spinning ride which turns through 360 degrees and leaves riders upside down.

The ride is definitely aimed at the older end of the theme park's target audience, and is the only one at Gulliver's Land to fully invert.

Those brave enough to take it on are in for an intense experience, full of forces more often found on adult flat rides. The arm is powered all the way round, which makes the swing feel unnatural compared to rides like KMG's Afterburners and there's never any real floaty airtime. Even so, once it gets going properly it gives some nice forces, but the beginning and end of the sequence can feel uncomfortable as riders are left pressed against their restraints for slightly too long.

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