Jousting Castles

Gulliver's Land

The Royal Joust is in full swing...

Theme ParkGulliver's Land
Park AreaLilliput Land
TypeFlat Ride
Jousting Castles at Gulliver's Land

Jousting Castles at Gulliver's Land

Jousting Castles is one of the most intense rides on offer at Gulliver's Land, and sits in the park's Lilliput Land area beside Dragon Siege.

Riders sit in one of three four-seater circular spinning castles which are connected via overhead arms to a central column which in turn rotates as the arms lift up. Although it does not go upside-down, the forces are quite powerful once the ride really gets going.

Something as intense as Jousting Castles initially seems a bit of an odd choice for a park like Gulliver's, but it actually appears to be quite popular with braver older kids who have perhaps been dragged along for a day out with the younger members of their family.

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