The Buccaneer

Gulliver's Land

Pirates await as you set sail aboard Gulliver's sailing ship...

Theme ParkGulliver's Land
Park AreaAdventure Land
TypePirate Ship
Swinging on the pirate ship

Swinging on the pirate ship

The Buccaneer is Gulliver's Land's pirate ship, and offers visitors the chance to set sail on the seven seas.

It is a giant swinging pirate ship style ride. Riders sit in rows arranged along the main hull of the ship, which is attached to a giant A-frame towering above.

Gulliver's Land's version is a Galleon model manufactured by Zamperla, and has been at Milton Keynes since 1999.

As the ride begins, the whole ship begins to swing. At full height, riders at the very bow and stern are tipped almost ninety-degrees and can feel weightless as the swing changes direction.

The Buccaneer is nicely decorated in purple and gold and gives a fun ride for families and pirate fans.

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