The Whirlwind

Gulliver's Land

Rise into the air on a hot air balloon flight...

Theme ParkGulliver's Land
Park AreaWestern World
TypeFlat Ride
ModelBalloon Race
Flying in a hot air balloon

Flying in a hot air balloon

The Whirlwind is a hot air balloon themed circular spinning ride at Gulliver's Land in Milton Keynes.

The ride is officially part of the Western World area, although it sits around the corner from the cowboy town and the rest of its rides.

Riders sit inside one of twelve four-seater hot air balloons, which are each attached via an overhead arm to a central column. As the ride begins the arms lift up and the column begins to spin, simulating a hot air balloon flight.

In many ways The Whirlwind is similar to a wave swinger, although the seats are enclosed rather than exposed with riders legs dangling, and it does a nice job of providing the feeling of a relaxing flight through the sky.

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