Twist 'N' Joust

Gulliver's Land

Spinning coaster in Adventure World

Theme ParkGulliver's Land
Park AreaAdventure Land
ModelSuper Twister
Length361 ft
Twist 'N' Joust

Twist 'N' Joust

Twist 'N' Joust is an EOS Rides Spinning Coaster and, following the departure of Python in 2018, is currently the biggest rollercoaster at Gulliver's Land.

The coaster sits near the top of the park in Adventure World beside The Whirlwind balloon ride and opposite the Gully Town play area, having been relocated from near the castle in Lilliput Land to make way for Dragon Siege in 2019.

The train consists of five circular spinning cars, each seating four riders. After climbing the tyre driven lift hill, the train traverses a track featuring undulating slopes and tight turns which cause the cars to spin. Things can get especially wild in an unbalanced car, where only two riders are both seated on the same side for example!

Twist 'N' Shout is fun, but unfortunately doesn't seem to be that reliable with frequent downtime. Apparently Gulliver's bought it from an indoor park in Italy, and the coaster doesn't seem to have appreciated being put outside and faced with the elements.

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