Monster Mansion

Gulliver's Valley

Tour through the haunted house, encountering the scary inhabitants along the way...

Theme ParkGulliver's Valley
Park AreaLilliput Lane
A skeleton banquet

A skeleton banquet

Monster Mansion is a haunted house style walkthrough attraction at Gulliver's Valley theme park.

It is accessed from the end of Lilliput Lane, the park's indoor entrance street, and is easily found by looking for its fascade featuring giant octopus tentacles emerging from the upper windows.

Inside are various haunted scenes (kept safely behind glass) featuring various spooky characters including monsters, skeletons and witches.

Overall the theming is high quality and the scenes are nicely put together. However, the random UV painted Monsters Inc characters on the walls are a little out of place (Disney gave the OK for these, right?) and give the impression of a low budget fairground ghost train.

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