Blackbeard's Barrels

Gulliver's Valley

Barrels of fun...

Theme ParkGulliver's Valley
Park AreaSmuggler's Wharf
TypeTeacup Ride
Blackbeard's Barrels

Blackbeard's Barrels

Located under a canopy in the Smuggler's Wharf area, Blackbeard's Barrels gives Gulliver's Valley visitors the chance to ride in an oversized spinning ship's barrel.

The ride is similar to a spinning tea cups ride, although the cups have been replaced with round wooden-looking half barrels to sit inside.

While the ride platform rotates, riders can also spin their individual barrels, allowing them to control just how fast they go.

Blackbeard's Barrels is smaller than similar rides found at other parks, and lacks the extra turntable found on many other versions. That means it is not quite as spinny, but still a lot of fun - and it is still easy to get up a fast and dizzying spin with a bit of muscle power!

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