Desperado Drop

Gulliver's Valley

Brave the tallest drop in the Valley...

Theme ParkGulliver's Valley
Park AreaWestern World
TypeDrop Tower
AudienceOlder Families
ManufacturerMoser Rides
ModelSpring Ride
Desperado Drop in Western World

Desperado Drop in Western World

Desperado Drop is a family drop tower ride in the Western World area at Gulliver's Valley theme park.

It seats up to ten riders per cycle, with five sitting in a row on each side of the tower. The cycle features a number of drops and bounces as the gondola makes its way up and down.

The ride was built by Moser Rides and opened, along with Gulliver's Valley itself, in 2020.

Desperado Drop is one of the ride highlights at the theme park. It provides a nice thrill, but is not too scary for older children: most seem to really enjoy it and want to stay on for a second go!

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