Dodge City Dodgems

Gulliver's Valley

Driving dodge city style...

Theme ParkGulliver's Valley
Park AreaGears
ManufacturerIE Park
One of the dodgems cars

One of the dodgems cars

Fitting perfectly with the Gears area's motor car theme, Dodge City Dodgems is the bumper car ride at Gulliver's Valley.

The ride is a smaller version of the dodgems rides found at parks and funfairs all over the world, and was manufactured for Gulliver's Valley by IE Park.

Each car seats two passengers, one of which gets to take the wheel and drive their car around the indoor arena, missing (or bumping into!) the other cars as they go. The bumpers seem squidgier than on most dodgems, and the corresponding crashes less harsh.

Dodge City Dodgems is great fun, although the standard ride cycle duration is extremely short. I can imagine that for younger children who take a little while to work out the controls, their ride will be over before they've actually gone anywhere!

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