Gulliver's Valley

Swing through the Lost World skies...

Theme ParkGulliver's Valley
Park AreaLost World
TypeFlat Ride
ManufacturerSBF Visa Group
ModelMidi Dance Party
Upside down on Gyrosaur

Upside down on Gyrosaur

Sitting within the prehistoric Lost World area, Gyrosaur is easily the most intense ride at Gulliver's Valley.

The frisbee style ride is the only attraction at Gulliver's Valley to fully invert.

Riders sit on seats arranged in a circle facing outwards. These are attached to one end of an arm which swings backwards and forwards, eventually gaining sufficient momentum to rotate all the way around, with riders being turned upside down in their seats at it goes.

Gyrosaur looks particularly intimidating next to the other rides at Gulliver's, and is definitely aimed at the older end of the park's target 2-13 year old age group. It is actually not quite as intense as it might appear. The arm doesn't rotate particularly fast, so there are not many G-forces exerted on riders: there is much more time spent hanging upside down than being forced against restraints.

Positioning the ride in Lost World is interesting, but to be honest it could have worked in almost any area as the ride theming itself is minimal. In fact, perhaps the only real indication that it belongs in the prehistoric land is its green colour scheme which is common to many of the area's attractions.

Overall, Gyrosaur is great fun and a really exciting addition to Gulliver's Valley. It is popular with older families seeking a thrill, and conquering it is a mark of bravery for those willing to give it a shot.

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