Jumbo Jetters

Gulliver's Valley

Elephants really can fly...

Theme ParkGulliver's Valley
Park AreaToy Land
TypeFlat Ride
ManufacturerIE Park
ModelMini Flight
Jumbo Jetters

Jumbo Jetters

Jumbo Jetters is Gulliver's Valley's flying elephant ride and sits in the park's Toy Land area.

The ride opened with the rest of the new theme park in 2020, and was manufactured by IE Park.

Riders sit inside giant elephants arranged in a circle. Once the ride begins, they can use a lever to raise and lower the elephant, causing it to fly into the air.

Unfortunately the ride's pneumatics are not powerful enough to lift all the elephants in very hot weather, which can lead to a slightly duller ride as the jumbos run at ground level.

As long as it isn't too hot though, Jumbo Jetters is great fun for children who especially enjoy being able to control the height of their elephant as they fly around.

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