Lost World River Tour

Gulliver's Valley

Take a boat tour through the prehistoric world...

Theme ParkGulliver's Valley
Park AreaLost World
TypeBoat Ride
Floating past the dino band

Floating past the dino band

Lost World River Tour takes Gulliver's Valley visitors on a gentle boat tour around prehistoric scenes in the park's Lost World area.

Riders sit in round four seater boats, which float slowly around a concrete water channel. Along the way they pass by a number of cute dinosaur models, in much more of a cartoon style than the other more realistic ones elsewhere in Lost World. The highlight amongst them all has to be the dinosaur rock band at the end of the ride.

Similar rides at other Gulliver's parks have a restriction limiting to a maximum of two adults per boat. Although it is mentioned on the official ride sign, it isn't enforced at Gulliver's Valley. It is a rule that they should probably seriously consider paying more attention to: it is easy for the boats to ground and get stuck half way around the course when carrying three adults.

Overall, Lost World River Tour is a brilliant ride: gentle enough to relax on, but with enough comedic dinosaurs to see to be entertaining all the way along.

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