Gulliver's Valley

Fly over the heads of the dinosaurs below...

Theme ParkGulliver's Valley
Park AreaLost World
TypeWave Swinger
ManufacturerSBF Visa Group


Gulliver's Valley's Paragliders is a traditional chair-o-plane ride and sits within the park's Lost World area.

The ride, also known as a Wave Swinger, was manufactured by SBF Visa Group.

Riders sit on open chairs attached to the ride's overhead roof with chains, arranged in a circle around the central column. As the ride spins, the chairs swing outwards and riders feel as if they are flying through the air. Gulliver's version features only a single row of seats, and stays relatively low to the ground compared to larger wave swingers.

It is painted in the area's signature green colour scheme, although the decoration mainly consists of abstract stripes and arrows rather than anything prehistoric related. There are a few model dinosaurs scattered around the ride's perimeter, but that's it as far as theming goes.

Paragliders is a nice family version of the classic chair-o-plane ride, and acts nicely as the centre of the Lost World plaza area. It's a shame that not more was made of its theming, but the ride itself is great and seems very popular.

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