Rocky Ridge Railway

Gulliver's Valley

Ride a mine cart around Western World...

Theme ParkGulliver's Valley
Park AreaWestern World
TypeKiddie Coaster
Opened11 July 2020
ModelMini Mouse
Rocky Ridge Railway

Rocky Ridge Railway

Rocky Ridge Railway is Gulliver's Valley's pint-sized mine cart themed rollercoaster which sits within the park's Western World area.

The ride is a Zamperla Mini Mouse - a kiddie coaster featuring wild mouse style zig zag corners, but without the steep drops.

The mine cart train makes its way at a gentle pace around the orange track, feeling rather more like a train ride than traditional rollercoaster. That means it is perfect for young children, especially those who are working their way up to Gulliver's Valley's larger Grand Prix Racers coaster.

While Western World is one of the best themed areas at Gulliver's Valley, Rocky Ridge Railway acts as a poor cousin. The train cars are themed as mine carts, but the ride itself just sits on a gravel bed on a patch of grass without much in the way of western props or theming.

Rocky Ridge Railway opened along with Gulliver's Valley in July 2020. It had been moved to the new park from Gulliver's World in Warrington where it had operated as Runaway Mine Carts.

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