Tombstone Mine

Gulliver's Valley

Ride into the heart of the haunted mine...

Theme ParkGulliver's Valley
Park AreaWestern World
TypeDark Ride
ManufacturerIE Park
Duration1 minute
Inside the mine

Inside the mine

Tombstone Mine is an indoor dark ride in Gulliver's Valley's Western World themed area.

The ride carries visitors in four seater mine cart vehicles into a spooky mine, with various skeletons, pumpkins and cobwebs within the mining town scenes the carts pass beside.

There are similar dark rides at the other Gulliver's parks too, although Tombstone Mine's theming feels higher quality. Gulliver's Valley's version does not feature interactive laser guns and is purely a passive experience.

The ride is short too, lasting just a minute - enough to give a flavour but not really enough for anything approaching an immersive experience. Overall though, despite its length, Tombstone Mine is a nice little dark ride and well placed within Western World.

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