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Walk past scenes from the Gulliver's Travels stories...

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Gulliver restrained by the Lilliputians

Gulliver restrained by the Lilliputians

Gulliver's World is named after Gulliver from the famous Gulliver's Travels stories, which are brought to life in this small walkthrough attraction.

The exhibit is housed inside a small narrow room with a walkway down the centre, with models depicting scenes from the stories on either side.

Most famous perhaps is the "giant" Gulliver tied down and being held prisoner by the tiny Lilliput people.

It is a little sad that Gulliver's Travels is only given a small walkthrough attraction at what is supposedly the flagship park in the Gulliver's chain - especially since down in Milton Keynes at Gulliver's Land there is a whole Gulliver's Travels dark ride.

By comparison the Warrington effort is a little disappointing. Overall the walkthrough is very short and not very engaging - most children lose interest within seconds and dash through to the end.

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