Alpine Log Flume

Gulliver's World

Ride through Lilliput Land in a hollowed out log boat...

Theme ParkGulliver's World
Park AreaLilliput Land
TypeLog Flume
ManufacturerBig Country Motioneering
The log flume

The log flume

Alpine Log Flume takes Gulliver's World visitors on a gentle trip floating along a calm river, before being carried up inside an alpine building then inching over the edge and crashing back into the waters two storeys below.

The log flume ride has been at Gulliver's World since 1989 and sits in the park's Lilliput Land section.

It was manufactured by Big Country Motioneering (now Intelink LG headquartered in Cheltenham in the UK). It is a smaller version of the company's standard log flume, featuring a single drop.

Even though the ride is small the trip feels quite long, floating largely past hedges before reaching the chain lift at the bottom of the building containing the drop. The splash itself isn't too wet, and is just enough to be fun for kids. After the drop, the boat floats past a patch of grass and returns to the station.

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