Gully's Express Railroad

Gulliver's World

Ride the train through Gulliver's World...

Theme ParkGulliver's World
AudienceAll Ages
ManufacturerBig Country Motioneering
Neville, the workhorse of the route

Neville, the workhorse of the route

Gully's Express Railroad (formerly known as Gulliver's Railroad) is Gulliver's World's park train ride.

The narrow gauge railway circles the south eastern section of the park, and has a station in Main Square near the entrance plaza.

Two locomotives currently operate on the line, named Invicta and Neville. Neville is used most of the time, with Invicta sitting in the station in case it is needed.

The journey provides a pleasant ride and a chance to relax and take in the scenery as the train travels around the 500 yard circuit.

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